• MOBILAMO bespoke furniture bed with bedside shelves black walnut real wood veneer with mattress oblique front view
  • MOBILAMO bespoke furniture bed with bedside shelves black walnut real wood veneer side view


Heights (of frame/headroom/height of mattress topside):

The “hovering” bed frame of the bespoke bed with bedside shelves is 19.5 cm high, the headroom between frame and floor is 20.5 cm. This adds up to 40 cm total frame height (without mattress).

Generous headroom will be helpful when cleaning under the bed and will also keep the mattress aerated.

Note: The total lying height of the bed (floor to top of mattress) will depend on mattress thickness and height of slatted frame.

Calculation of lying height: For the bed´s total lying height add +24,5 cm to the combined heights of slatted frame and mattress.

Finish Options

Choose a bed with bedside shelves and a  lacquer finish or one of three quality real wood veneers:

  • Oak or bright oak real wood veneer, satin finish
  • Black walnut real wood veneer, satin finish
  • White or grey lacquer, satin finish

All finishes done with latest generation quality products by Austria´s leading coating manufacturer, Adler Lacke in Tyrol.

Floor space

MOBILAMO bespoke furniture bed with bedside shelves floor space detail

Total frame size

Bed frame and bedhead are both 5 cm thick. To calculate the floor space of the bed you multiply bed head width (= total width) with mattress length +10 cm (= total length).

Bed base construction

Hovering effect

The design creates the impression of a „hovering“ bed frame by using a set-back slanting board under the bed frame. The frame top end connects to the bedhead.


MOBILAMO bespoke furniture bed with bedside shelves bedhead detail

Choice of three heights

Order your bedhead either 90, 100 or 110 cm high and with either bed frame width or protruding left and/or right. Choose symmetric or asymmetric heights and lengths.

Please note: Bedheads wider than 251 cm will be delivered in halves with continuous wood grain.

Bedside shelves

One drawer each

Each bedside shelf is fitted with one drawer. The shelves have a total height of 20 cm. The drawer is opened by a rebate handle. Its total height is 16 cm, base height is 4 cm, usable height of the drawer is 7 cm.


Mattress and mattress size

Please note: mattress and slatted frame are not included.

For mattresses wider than 160cm you can choose between split or single-piece slatted frames.

We gladly customize your bed frame to your individual mattress length. For order details please contact us directly.

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