Hannes Radaschitz

Pleasing the senses

After graduating in interior design engineering, Hannes Radaschitz moved to Italy for a perennial internship in Milan and postgraduate studies in Florence which he finished in 2000 with a degree in interior architecture. He then relocated to London and started a successful designer career. Radaschitz has a distinct style with a preference for clear, reduced silhouettes and shapes. His focus on the essence of things drives him to reduce to the max, carving out only really indispensable details like handles, connections and contact points. Materials are deployed as integral parts of a design, especially in the consciously graphic use of wood grains. Hannes Radaschitz is convinced that, to be successful, furniture design has to really serve the user while also appealing to sight, man´s most foremost sensual input. He wants to spread great design far and wide:
„To be really convincing, design has to become affordable. Which is where MOBILAMO excels.“

Claudia Reiterer

Function follows users

Claudia Reiterer graduated from a five-year education in furniture and interior design at HTBLA Ortwein technical college in Graz, Austria. She spent the first three years of her career working for office furniture producer Bene. In 2009 she joined the Radaschitz manufacture and took charge of the design engineering department. Claudia Reiterer loves clear shapes, prefers „genuine“ materials and avoids material mixes in order to achieve elegantly simplified designs. Individual interpretation during realization transforms simple articles of daily use into aesthetically pleasing objects without compromising their function. Claudia Reiterer insists on always contemplating furniture in the context of the surrounding rooms. Thinking outside boxes and beyond walls are her prerequisites for successful interior design.
“Ideally, rooms and their furniture enter a symbiotic relationship while leaving the center stage to the humans, because they are, after all, at the center of our efforts.”
Claudia Reiterer MOBILAMO bespoke furniture designer